Based on the definition of VNPTA – Vietnam Physical Therapy Association:

PHYSIOTHERAPY is a branch of health science that uses physical agents to improve health, prevent movement-related risk factors in order to treat or restore function after injury, disease or body defects.

Around the world, PHYSIOTHERAPY – REHABILITATION is an indispensable part of a basic health care process, and PHYSIOTHERAPY is not new in Vietnam. Today, many Vietnamese people understand the importance of physical therapy and the need for early rehabilitation post- diseases or post- injury.

In Vietnam, there are basic misunderstandings about PHYSIOTHERAPY. The goal of PHYSIOTHERAPY – REHABILITATION is the process to achieve maximum function, based on the individual condition. We need to indentify PHYSIOTHERAPY – REHABILITATION as a process of self-mobilizing of patients/athletes to relearn movement for themselves, not just as any specific treatment technique.

For us, those who work in SPORTS PHYSIOTHERAPY: SPORTS PHYSIOTHERAPY is not simply about restoring function to the level of daily life activities, but also about guiding athletes to recover to their highest physical capacity so they can continue their sports career.

At IRC we are specialized in Sport Rehabilitation, working closely with doctor. As IRC sport physiotherapist, we dedicate a particular importance to create an active & personalized rehabilitation Program according to patients objectives.

For example a session is organized depending on the current rehabilitation phase of the patient and we include all fundamental components on it as Manual therapy, Physiotherapy (machine) and the most important the Active Rehabilitation in our Gym.

At the same time we promote patients education and prevention program to avoid recurrences and others injuries which can impact on the return to sport or other physical activities.

Also, we always devote our time to the continuous professional education to keep our knowledge updated to the most recent international standards with the aim to provide best cares.